Changing Outboard Clock Circuits from 16.93 MHz to 11.XX MHz frequency

I have a version 1 of the AudioCom Outboard Superclock circuit that I used to use in my Rotel 971 CD player. I am in the process of selling this unit and I have picked up a Rotel 975 that I like better.
Is it possible to change the frequency of the circuit by swapping out the Crystals (removing 16.93 MHz unit and adding the 11.XX MHz unit on the SuperClock board) to allow it to function in the Phillips-based 1305T D/A converter.

Any help would be appreciated.

I think there might be some problem if you are trying to mix a crystal with a crystal oscillator - ie, to change the frequency, are you replacing a crystal with a crystal, or an oscillator with an oscillator. There may be a problem if you are going from an oscillator to a crysta, or visa versa. I think I'm about to have this problem. You have to look at each part to be able to tell if you dealing with crystals or crystal oscillators..

A crystal has 2 pins:

A crystal oscillator has 4:
dtm1962 said:
They are both 2 pin crystals. I was going to remove the 11.XX MHz crystal from Rotel board and transplant it to the SuperClock board (of course after I remove the 16.93 MHz crystal from the SuperClock board).

I am assuming this is correct and this will work?

Any input would be appreciated.

It's correct and it will work.
If you wanna dig in deeper to it read the Maxim paper: