Changing Lasers


2008-02-02 11:16 am
I would like your help on replacing the Laser’s of some CDP’s of mine.
The only problem is that they are quite old by now.

These are the:

Arcam Alpha5
Marantz DR700 CDR
Musical Fidelity CDT (tube)

From what I know Arcam’s Laser is the Philips CDM9/44 (not the PRO item) is that the correct item? Another problem is that it uses not a crystal focus so it might be possible that due to long periods of storage it would have deteriorated. Is that possible???

As for the Musical Fidelity CDP I think that it uses the Sanyo SF90 5/8. Is that correct??

The Marantz CDR uses a Philips Laser but I have no idea which.

Does any of you have any idea on what part is that?

Could you give me any idea on where to source these parts with some reliability considering their age?

Thanking you in advance