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2008-03-24 1:52 pm
Hello Rick

I am planing to make high-sencitivem acoustic system.
For budget variant - use 3-way system
Bass - middle - hi
I have thinking about open-buffle and may be.
I am see Visaton(www.visaton.com), they have also kits with BG40 and B200.
But all speakers not have bass low thah 50 Hz.
I am in finding.
May be it's will be good variant when baffle and buffle, where is front panel with the same speakers for high sencitivity and more wide fr. range and better linearity.
This speakers for PP and SE variant amplifiers.
But kit from Visaton may be reason to upgrade and have large bass speaker with filter, and high speaker with filter. but mid or full range without , that the general speaker don't use after caps in filter.
May be it's will be

full range(mid)

or better variant

high - high
mid - mid
bass - bass


bass - bass
mid - mid
high - high
mid - mid
bass - bass

For high level - 4 way speakers.
I am read many good resume and opinion about Montana Loudspeakers their WAX and KAS.
But I have some thinking for upgrade.
They use ScanSpeak and other speakers, the models I don't know.
Montana KAS and WAS have "Diapolitto" speakers mounting.
But if make the same like in first variant (double box or two box)- SE amp.
This speakers have play all dirt in a signal way from pre-amp - amp...PP ans SRPP sounds some dirtly.
Goof Se with a wide range, puls rating, high curent tubes in all way without caps and minimum transformers...
But if make clone - it's will be good...

I just make my oun site, and the pistures I will making at nearest time.

What do You think about?