Change cross-section layout for TABAQ ?

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I am looking into the design of the TABAQ as outlined by Bjohannesen. However, due to the WAF is the visual design a top-priority. One criteria is that they must be placed against the back-wall, and as flat as possible

Would it be possible to change the with-depth of the TABAQ design, as long the cross-section area is the same? How would that affect the opening in the bottom of the speaker or the BSC?

Or is any nice suggestion already made for flat speakers that can be placed against the wall for the Tangband drivers? Anything like the Jordan VTL external design would be perfect.

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there is a folded version of the Needle, Cyburgs' pipe, and I've seen a very cool spiral horn somewhere...


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Hi you can change the dimensions as long as the cross section and pipe lenth is the same. You will, as you already noticed, have to change the opening, so the length and the cross section remains the same.

In TABAQ, the port is an extension to the line.

I picked the with/depth dimension to make the construction as easy as possible.

For you flat speaker, you could let the opening be at one of the sides instead of the front.

Please update us on the result.

Hi from Bjorn
Wonderful Copenhagen

Thanks for your suggestions.

I have another question about the opening in the TABAQ; is it the volume of the port, or just the cross-section area that’s needs to be constant?

I will try to explain more what I mean;
As the port actually is formed as a "tunnel/tube", is that the important factor? Or is it just the "last" m.m. of the opening that is important to keep constant? Is it just the opening area that are important, or are the "internal” design (e.g. the volume of the port) an important factor?

You have a opening “part” that are 9*10 cm, is the consequence of that calculation that the opening port needs to be 9cm long, and 10cm wide (opening 1,6cm). If I want to have it 5cm wide, can I make the opening 3,2cm then, or will your excellent design be destroyed then? (The driver is 5.7cm, but lets assume 5cm to make it simple).

I hope you understood my question; please let me know if not. I will, if so, try to make a drawing.

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Thanks for your advice. I believe, as this is my first DIY, that I will simply turn your design 90deg.. It seems like the best way to solve the problem. It will not be the perfect solution, but good enough (as my wife most likely will approve it :)

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