Ceiling space placement of an existing box

In a short while we are removing one wall and making our lounge-room just a little bigger.

SWMBO has decided we need to downsize the stereo and she is tired of a big huge black box in the corner.

My WAF has run out.

I want to keep the bass so I am thinking of keeping the existing box and the 15inch Kicker EX that's in it and placing it in the roof cavity.
Here is the pertinent query.
Should I use it down-firing or use a plenum in front of it??

Scott L

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2008-12-27 12:32 pm
Knoxville, TN

Yeah Cal; I just meant a redirection plenum, SWMBO is having second thoughts about all the subwoofers so a big infinite baffle is out.

Is there a preferred slope? Cos I was going to use the existing shallow roof angle for the biggest hole in the ceiling and fill it with a grill painted to match.

What do all those letters mean>? I do not think I could get along with someone like that. A true infinite baffle can not been seen in the listening room. My girl joins me in my passion for good sound.


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