CEC TL 5100Z


PICs mainboard TL51Z


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CEC Adjustment Procedures

Mainboard adjustment for CEC TL5100, TL51 an TL1X


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Hi there, sorry to resurect such old thread, but, maybe better that starting new, similar one?
Anyway, I am searching for service manual of 5100Z cd player. I have a problem in output section (there is some power supply problem), and having service manual, I guess, is a must. A player from 1996 has too much SMD elements for my taste..
A couple od LED aren't lit as of yesterday, and I have no sound on output (sound become garbled and faded out). I know it is old and worn player, but, I would like to give it a try.
I will have to update this.
I know it (was) stretched, but I have asked CEC Japan (I wrote an email explaining situation) to send me service manual - and they did (within couple of hours).
Just to add more value, a person who sent me documents is Mr. Ken Ishiwata (yeah, I know, but, never the less, receiving an email from Ken Ishiwata...).
Anyway, a huge bonus and thanks to CEC Japan for providin technical support.

However, service manual is an old scan, and exactly page (25) that I need was really bad, but it gave me clue how things are arranged, and -5V rail was out. With little trial and error, bit of soldering and desoldering (NOT by me), fault was in 10k SMD resistor. We had no such on the shelf, but SMD that was a lot (A LOT) smaller than original, so it went, and CD works again :).
On attached photos there is comparison of new and old "part" and new one positioned on board.



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