CEC CD3300 Schematics

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Dear All,

I've just bought CEC 3300 a week ago. There is very little information about this player on the Internet but I fell in love with the balanced analog and digital output. At this price point, Unbelievale!

Comparing the unbalanced analog output to my current system which is Quad67 as a transpoter with Audio Alchemy DTI Pro Anti-jitter and Audiolab 8000DAC. Astonishingly, CEC has a deeper and wider soundstage even the atmosphere does not as full as my current system. CEC is more harsh in the Hi-end, it may require more burning in but the bass department is more body.

I think that CEC is a good starter for tweaking but the problem is, I have no schematics. Can anyone provide this?

I plan to do a separate PSU for analog and digital section plus changing all electrolytic capacitors on the PCB.

regards, Kittikun

You won't go wrong with this player. If you are a tweaker, this CD is very interesting.

What do I do?
1. Separate digital and analog power supply with a hefty toroid trans.
2. Increase the capacity of the filetr cap.
3. Change the rectifier with fast recovery.
4. Change all cap in digital and analog section to be high grade.
5. Change the crystal to higher quality.

The result is, it is astonishing sound. It is very lively and very dynamic. None of the player in commercial market can compete with this character. I strongly recommend to you.

If you are willing to modify, there are some cautions. Please don't touch the micro-controller on digital board, otherwise you have to say good bye to it. The analog board is double layer so please careful when you do soldering. You can easily break the board with too much heat. Enjoy!

Last but not least, the inside part is not high quality from the few money you pay. Don't expect too high but you can easily improve it. If you are not so sure to modify, don't touch the digital board. The improvement of analog board is more than enough to make you surprise. Go step by step. Good luck.


I went to check it out last week, and I think I will buy it later on. I like the specs and the XLR-connectors, and it has a very good price. However, the buttons etc were quite flimsy, but I guess that is to be expected at this price range. I will probably want to mod it as well, I am just getting in to electronics now so I will take it step by step. My next project is the Sonic Impact t-amp, I just ordered 3 sets from USA, and they should provide some training before I tackle a more expensive unit.

Hi Bonicon,

Welcome to diy world. I guess that you have some good basis in electronics. Please practice soldering, it is the key to success.

I have try many digital amp. I recommend Hypex UCD from the easy to install and very good sonic quality. You can read more info from Class D forum. Many DIY web sites provide soldering tecnique which you can go through.

Good Luck.

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