cdenhancer schematic balanced out


I am interested in ultranalog cdenhancer schematic using 3a5 tube. However, on the schematic, the 8650 tranny secondary is connected to RCA. Can it be connected to XLR instead and input to my balanced preamp?

How do I deal with the XLR ground? Leave it float or connect it to the main circuit ground?

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Should be no problem to connect each secundary terminal of the xformer to each of the two signal pins of the XLR. You may need to connect each to ground with a resistor (like two times 10k) to define the balance and to avoid floating it, since to keep it universal you probably don't want to rely on whatever is there on the other side of the XLR.

Jan Didden

Edit: Don't you need a defined resistance from the secundary to gnd to define the transfer characteristic/ freq response? Nothing recommended in that project?