2010-02-08 1:21 pm
I've just picked up a CD63SE which fails to power up. I've checked the obvious things (fuses!), but wondered if someone might be able to offer some guidance. There is no voltage at either of the 630mA fuses, and no hum from the tranny. Are there any common component failures? It is in completely unmolested original condition. I'd like to get it working.

Thanks in advance.
Please forgive any of the following questions which may seem overly basic or obvious. I don't want to assume anything regarding your technical skills. Also, DO NOT try any of the following steps if you are not competent to work on 120V A.C. line connected equipment.

It appears that those two 630mA fuses you mentioned are located on the A.C. side of the rectifier diodes. I suggest that you remove both fuses, measure them with an ohm meter to make sure they are good. Leave them out for now. Check for an A.C. voltage of around 10Vrms between power ground and the end of either fuse holder which goes back to the power transformer. If there is no A.C. voltage present then it is likely the power transformer or power cord connection is bad. It should be a simple matter to troubleshoot your way backwards to determine which.

If the 10Vrms is there than your problem would appear to be somewhere further in to the primary circuitry. The next thing to do would be to replace the fuses and check for the correct D.C. voltage at each 3-terminal voltage regulator. The correct voltage is indicated by the part number code on each regulator. After that, things get far more tricky and you would likely require a schematic and an oscilloscope. At that point, it may not be worth the trouble or expense to repair.
Thanks for the advice Ken, and I do understand and appreciate the caution regarding voltage. I'm actually in the UK, so it's 240v. So far it is looking like a duff transformer, but I'd like to make certain before looking for replacement parts. The player is cosmetically in first class condition and has hardly been used.