CD10 vs CD16

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Hello all,

I´ve got a litle problem concerning a CD16 I´ve modified (LClock XO2, 2 x OPA2604, 4 x AD825, 2 x 10000microF BHC Slit Foil plus a lot of Panasonic FC etc.) It does sound a lot better than unmodified but not as good as my CD10 with the same mods except for two OPA627 in the output stage. I think the problem is in the HDAM outputs from the CD16.

Does somebody know a usefull modifikation for these (I´ve already uprated the caps)?

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<i><font color="#0000a0" face="Comic sans MS">"From: "T. Loesch" <>
Subject: Re: Marantz 67SE ?
Date: Fri, 05 Jun 1998 04:56:39 PDT
Source: Sound Digest Archive v01.n303 Hi all,

>what's so bad with the HDAM ?

Nothing. In a unit modded to my tweaks and described in TNT-Audio it is not needed and ever so slightly reduces the absolute transparency.
If one where to replace the Op-Amp's with the OPA2604, I'd suggest keeping the HDAM in Circuit."</font></i>

Is the CD16 HDAM circuit the same as the CD67SE?

If you could listen to the two CD Player with an external DAC you would know if its the Drive/Digital sections making a difference.

Hello James,

thanks for your reply. The digital section of the CD10 and CD16 should be the same, bitstream with two TDA1547. The only difference in standard form seems to be the HDAM. Even the opamps before the output stage are the same ( 1x5532, 2x5534 per channel)The only difference seems to be the HDAM. I´ve ordered the service manual for the CD16 so I will be able to see how the HDAM is put togheter.
I think that all MArantz HDAM modules are the same (they look the same in the CD67SE)


The CD17 has a sort of muting network between the HDAM and the output connector.
Maybe a similar network is implemented in the CD16 and not in the CD10.

What I've read about it, is that is should be a performance killer (from a soundperpective that is).


I think the CD10 had a relais, CD16 has some transistors that short the output to ground. You can leave them out ifyou don´t mind the occasianal click or pop and first switch on the CD player.


if the next reply is just as fast it´ll take a while.....
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