CD transports

good luck. I went through the process of trying to find a Philips transport from *anywhere* I could get my hands on it... after about two years of searching, i finally gave up. I've since settled for a commercial transport, which is perhaps just as well, because I hear that when you can find a transport mechanism, they're not cheap! Just wanted to let you know what you're up against here... But, please don't let me discourage you! The last time I looked was about two or three years ago, so if we're lucky, the situation has changed.


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2000-10-10 7:27 pm

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I couldn't paste the picture, see site inder CD Player and DAC.

An easier solution is get a good CDM12 as this one

This complete CDM12.1 drive, including display, power supply, keybords,
bitstream DAC, ready to use for 298.00 DM. The same unit with remote
control and digital output costs 369.00 DM by

Stein Hifi Systems
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45468 Mülheim
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Fax ++49 208 381890
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Transport with Word Clock Interface

I just purchased the HHB CDR850 PLUS unit (Pro-gear). I bought the unit specifically because it not only can read and record CDR media, it also has a sweet interface setup on the back.

Apart from having full AES/EBU digital output (XLR). It also has "BALANCED" XLR digital output (NOT to be confused with AES/EBU). Furthermore, it features a "Word Clock" interface for further jitter control.

Unfortunately in consumer audio - i have not found an external DAC that utilizes Word Clock interfacing (let alone Balanced XLR digital). Any recommendations?
I bought the philips CD723 which has a digital out especially for my DAC projects: a evaluationbaord from Cirrus Logic CDB4397 24bit 192kHZ super ****.. I started the project after reading the Andrea Ciuffoli webpages and Audioexpress article.... But... i like the philips analog out sound better... the whole project costed me about 300$, more then a NAD CD-player :-(