CD-ROM - DAC kit connection

I have a DAC kit and a CD-ROM; the DAC has an RCA input, the CD-ROM has a digital output - 2 pins, and I don't now what is the best solution for connection these two, the distance between the two will be 10-15 cm max (max 6") maybe less.

Second, is it possible to make a pulse traf myself? How difficult can it be - I saw an Audio Note one, and it doesn't seem that complicated or am I VERY wrong?

Thank you.
Any interfacing circuitry would depend on the types of signals and their respective levels, CMOS, TTL etc.

As you have a DAC kit you can probably look at the digital interface receiver (DIR) device and look up a datasheet for the part. This will then give you an idea about what signals it will accept (voltage levels, thresholds etc).

If you have (or have access to) an oscilloscope you can then determine the signals present on the two pins of the CDROM. Typically though it will be 5V or 3V3 TTL and should be SPDIF protocol.

As for building your own pulse transformer - sure. go for it.
Keep in mind though that although the signal fundamental (digital) frequency is only 2MHz or so, its harmonic content extends further. So pay attention to winding topologies and core materials.


Thank you for your advice

What I'm trying to do, is a one box player, not a separate transport and DAC - I want the shortest distance possible, without a digital cable and so on...I have read the posts here, concerning the spdif connection, I saw Elso's spdif can I do this, "hardware" I mean?

The receiver is AD1892, with an RCA connector and 2 10nF caps on the input, that's all; the CD-ROM is Asus 52X.

I'm sorry, I'm not that good at this