CD protection when running active


2007-12-19 3:45 am
I have read that a simple cap inline on the driver should suffice for DC protection. When I emailed eminence directly and told them what I was doing they didn't seem to think a cap was even necessary.

Is it overkill or can I easily ruin a CD from a dc spike from the amplifier when running components in an active environment?

If I should run a cap is there a magic value that seems to work well or does it need to be calculated so its not interfering with the crossover points set on the active crossover?


2010-10-05 9:06 pm
With 4" drivers, 2" exit in home systems I haven't had a problem in 20 some odd years of using them without a protection cap. That's not to say a DC spike won't take one out and some diaphragms are really expensive. Small format drivers I normally will use a high quality 10-30 uf cap in series to protect them because they are normally a lot more fragile. The lower you use the driver the bigger the cap. An octave or more lower than the normal high pass should do the trick. In some case you can use a 2-3 uf cap to eq the driver to use it as a treble only driver in conjunction with an electronic crossover with excellent protection and results