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CD-Pro2LF through AudioCDpro

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Hello to the DIY community,

We are pleased to inform you that AudioCDPro is now online and our mission is very simple: to supply any worldwide customer with high-end audio components through an easy ordering process.

This website will give you access to the prestigious CD-Pro2LF module, which has been unanimously recognized by audio manufacturers as the best CD module ever produced. We also supply packages based on this module that will considerably reduce your development time. All our products are professional products with an excellent reliability and professional performances. Other products will be online shortly : stay tuned-in!

The ordering process has been foreseen as simple as possible: add the product to the shopping cart, fill-in the contact form, select your payment method (secure payment process), and that’s it ! Since all our products are available from stock, we can ship them very quickly to almost any country worldwide.

I just stumbled onto this message, I've been looking for a new supplier of this module for some time and am extremely happy to have your company join the community.

I've just placed an order for the "display board package" and am looking forward to another great CD-build this winter!

Thanks Again, if all goes well I'll send a photo or two of the end-result...
GF6 / Slim Metal Loader Evaluation Package

Since the introduction of the SACD format, in 2001, many audio enthusiastics have been looking for SACD kits to develop their own SACD players. However, this technology was available only on OEM basis for batch quantities. Today however, AudioCDpro is glad to propose the GF6 / Slim Metal Loader Evaluation Package, available on unit basis or flexible quantities.

Thus, if you want to develop your SACD player based on professional audio parts, the GF6 / SML Evaluation Package will definitely fulfill your expectations. This package includes all parts to build your SACD application: GF6 SACD module, Slim Metal Loader, Evaluation Kit (DSA Evaluation Board + VFD Evaluation Board), PSU and Aluminium Remote Control Handset.

The GF6 SACD module offers outstanding audio performances and a great playability. Its core built around the new chipset dedicated to the DSD conversion offers a rich and natural sound. Besides, instead of using a low cost plastic loader, this package includes the famous Slim Metal Loader, a sophisticated tray-loading mechanism with full metal parts specifically designed to remove mechanical vibrations in high-end players.

The Evaluation Kit also includes a DSA Evaluation Board, a VFD Evaluation Board, a PSU and all necessary cables. Once all boards parts are connected, you can send any command through the keyboard or the remote control handset provided in the package, and start the evaluation of this SACD application. Besides, you will discover many innovative features included in the user firmware (PWM of the tray speed, dimming, keyboard configuration, etc…).
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For further information about this product, please have a look at the GF6/Slim Metal Loader Evaluation Package page.

Why choose AudioCDPro ? : Offical supplier of high-end modules. Parts available from stock. Shipment through TNT international carrier. Easy and secure payment process. 15 years of experience in the professional audio market.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.