CD Player Sound Problem


2008-01-18 9:39 pm
I have a Sony CDP490 that, compared to my other modern CD/DVD players, doesn't sound very good. My experience is only in analogue circuits so far. I am wondering whether the DACs or any other digital parts have a great effect on the sound of it? I plan to replace the output amplifier in it, not sure whether to either replace or build another DAC for it.

The main components I can find in it are:
2 x PCM56p - DACs
CXD2551p - Digital Filter
MC74HCUO4N - ?
M5204p - 20 pin amplifier with mute

It has a 16.9 MHz clock and claims to have a 18 bit digital filter and 8 times oversampling

Should I keep these digital components and just replace the analogue amplifier or rebuild/build a new digital section? If so, how might I proceed (recommendation for components/schematics)?

Thanks a lot!!