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Castle microTowers need a home

Home wanted for my CSS EL-70 Castle microTowers .

After trying all sorts of things to get my MTs to image properly in my new apartment, (see my previous post) I've come to the conclusion that the 11' ceiling and open floor plan into the kitchen have conspired to defeat me. Without serious (and definitely wife unacceptable) room correction measures, they just don't fit.

Coupled with a lack of access to a woodshop, I've decided to forego the DIY for my next speakers and buy a pair of good bookshelfs (on stands).

I'm putting my MTs up for adoption to anyone in the NYC area who is willing to come and get them. (Here they are when new - They've darkened a bit, as cherry always does, and I've added adjustable felt feet). I no longer have a car so you will have to drive in to Brooklyn to get them, but I'm directly across the street from the Brooklyn Museum and the Brooklyn Botanic Garden so you can make a day of it if you're so inclined. Great restaurants in the area, too.

I'm not selling these - they are up for adoption. I can't ship them anywhere - they must be picked up. If you are not in the NYC area but know someone is willing to pick them up and then ship them to you that will work for me.

If you are interested, please PM me or email btrancho at gmail.com and we will set something up. This is somewhat time sensitive as I have little room to store extra speakers for very long.

They are very sweet little speakers and deserve a good home.