Cases from Ati Research

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ACD said:
Does any of you have any experience in buying cases from ?

I'm very much interested in two of the ATI-738U for my comming preamp and active crossover, and I got a quotation for €50.00 per case.......

Any experience welcome ;)

I bought many (4-5) from them when I got back to Bangkok. The quality is very good. They also produce OEM for Marsh Sound Design and some local commercial vendor in Thailand. Never be sorry buying cases from ATI.
I can recommend this company warmly!

After ordering 2 pcs ATI738-U cases via e-mail, i got speedy resonse from ATI about prices, shipment etc.
The order had to be prepaid before shipment (rather normal procedure). But then the price is quite favourable.
Now after 2 weeks i have received the enclosures, and they simply look stunning! Perfect finish, solid sturdy construction, with good quality materials.

I got very good and speedy service from ATI Reseach, and i find ATI research to be a very commendable company!

All the best from

Lars Clausen
on the basis on Lars recommendation and confirmation of financing arrangements, I ordered 4off 735u (xovers) and 4off 700mpr (all unholed for power amps).
Pricing is brilliant for these rounded edge designs. Obviously designed for easy manufacture and those savings passed to the client

Good comms from Arthon and he Emailed copy of delivery note.

Just awaiting the postman.
Hi Andrew,

Would you mind telling me how much you payed for the cases and the shipping costs, it would probably be the same if I were to order some. I need some nice cases to finish off my head phone amp and my XBOSOZ. Feel free to PM me if if you dont want to say what it cost in public.

Kram Maybe this can answer your question at least about shipping:

Hi Lars,

The pricing and shipping cost of 2 ATI-738U as following :

ATI-738U 2 pcs = $100 Euro

Express mail servive = $77 Euro

Total cost = $177 Euro

Thanks you,



ATI Research Company Limited.

I paid the 177 Euro, and a week later the cases arrived in good shape. And they are absolutely beautiful!
Highly recommended...................................................
the ATI cases arrived from Thailand.

Customs had started to unpackage but gave up when thay saw the second layer of packaging.

All are beautiful and undamaged.

The packaging is Premium quality. I have never seen better.

Paper wrap around each case and taped.
20mm sheet polystyrene between each case to prevent scratching/chattering.
Outer case fabricated from20mm sheet polystyrene.
Further case fabbed from corrugated plastic board.
Finally a paper overwrap. All stages taped extensively.


The cases are obviously designed to be very simple to make and assemble.
But the quality is first class.
@ an average price of £26 ($47) each including carriage they are real value for money.
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