Carver PM-100 level controls stuck

anatech said:
Hi customsuburb,
That spray is good for cleaning contacts but will not help here. Did the unit get wet or is there a possibility the knobs were pushed in too far?
These may need replacement, not a real hard job.


I won the amp off of ebay so I dont know if anything happened to it. :eek: The guy that sold it said that he didnt even notice they were stuck because he left them in the same position all the time.

I'll probobly just take it into a local place and have them look at it.


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2004-06-06 8:31 pm
Georgetown, On
Hi Greg,
No they are not the locking type. Basically, just inexpensive carbon pot. The grease may be very sticky or the knobs are pushed against the bushing.

Try to free the pots first. Pull the knobs towards you. They are push on plastic types. No set screw. That alone may free them. You may need a wide flat screwdriver. Put a business card underneath so you don't gouge the faceplate.