Carver Cubes & Subs

Not that I won't use it because it was free, what are the reasons a Carver Cube is a bad choice(or not so good of a choice ) for driving a pair of subs. Also if it makes any difference in your answere the subs will only be used in movies with sound effects where a sub is called for. I aready have lots of bass, but nothing hooked up to the sub output on the DVD. I am not missing out much as far as low Hz go but am loosing a low Hz only channel for movies.
Thatch_Ear said:
what are the reasons a Carver Cube is a bad choice(or not so good of a choice ) for driving a pair of subs.

As in everything, you will have to try it out, it may work OK as a sub amp in your application.

The Carver Cube was his 1st attempt at using a tracking power supply to, in theory, provide higher voltage rails only when needed for transients. It didn't work very well, so in essence what you ended up with was an amp that under steady state conditions into a non-reactive load it could deliver its rated power. But hook it to an even slightly reactive load and play music thru it and the inadequacy of the power supply showed thru. At the time he was also marketing his "sonic hologram" pre-amp (which also didn't work out) and his products of the day earned the title "sonic holocast".

I have never explored the possibility but it may be possible to graft a real PS to the cube and end up with something outstanding -- you might only need to add a PS for the output stage and use the existing one for the driver circuits. SS design is something i still haven't wrapped my head around (just starting to fathom tube stuff), but there are some guys over on the SS forums that are REALLY good (and i'm not just talking about Nelson).


Bill Ayotte

2007-03-28 10:49 pm
Thatch_Ear said:
I will look into another power supply for it. For the time being I am going to go with a Fisher 7591 PP amp and see how that works out. Boxes and the stuuff to go with on the 1st and the drivers as soon after.
Did you find anything as far as an upgraded power supply goes? I have one with a bad supply and need to find a new one.....