Cartridge for Michell Tecnodec with a Rega RB300

I have heard the 10x5 on a rega 3 I used to own and was not a huge fan.... A little lean and not special compared to my Karma.

I have just received my denon dl103 and it is on my linn axis / akito and I really like it. It is cheap!! It is a low output mc so you need a pre capable of doing this...

The highest highs are not quite there and microdynamics are not its forte but it tracks well has lovely tone punch and enthusiasm and really is a bargain.

I like it more then the 10x5 by far and does many things better then the Karma. I need to stick some forward sounding cables on my phono pre and I am sure that will lift the high frequencies a little.


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2002-10-30 11:57 pm
Canada, Qc
Thanks for your comment. I already own a Denon DL-110 and I'm not to found of its sound, too lean, but it is mounted on my Kyocera table, not my new Tecnodec. VTA was not adjustable on the Kyocera and this cartridge never sound great maybe because of that.

I may give it a try.

Is the DL103 still available or we need to get it from ebay?