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As winter fast approaches, I've been hustling to get any work done on my Firebird before the first snowfall, when it will get covered up. Before I know it, the next thing on the agenda will be the radio. Yes, I do have the original 8-track that came with it, but there seems to be a lack of quality 8-tracks circulating around the market these days :)

So I'm looking for suggestions regarding in dash cd players/headunits under the $250 range, as well as any suggestions for coaxial speakers for the rear (I refuse to modify the interior for component speaker kits). Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Get one of the XM head units

Take your choice, but the Pioneer one seems to be good. Will control a XM receiver that you can add on later when you have a little more money. Nice feature set, but the damn buttons are too small for my hands - a common problem for all radios these days.

Once you hear the XM radio, you will refuse to go back to plain old radio again. (and Yeah, I liked it so much I bought stock in it, in the full disclosure mode.)No, its not pure CD quality, but in your car you cannot tell the difference. Its light years ahead of even the best FM signal.
Ewww Pioneer :p Nah I got a Pioneer DEH-2100 and it actually aint to bad (but id rather have somethin else)
Pioneers biggest problem is they dont give all to much control of sound except the higher priced modelsI did a lil search and heres some models that seem pretty good for a pretty good price

Clarion DRB3675 (Its around $150)
AM/FM CD Player DIN Chassis w/Detachable Face Plate
detachable face with case-multi-color display-bass and treble controls-loudness-zero-bit detector mute circuit-Magi-Tune tuner-attenuator-cellular mute lead-Z-Enhancer EQ selector-rear preamp outputs-16 watts RMS/45 watts peak x 4 channels-CD frequency response 10-20,000 Hz-CD signal-to-noise ratio 100 dB-FM sensitivity 11 dBf-1-year warranty
Also i just found this place has it on sale for $120

Panasonic CQ-DFX301U (Around $180)
My friend has this one in his car it is pretty nice and glows pretty damn bright at night :p
detachable, fold-down face-super-bright blue display with backlight-Alphatuner V-18 FM/6 AM presets-seek tuning-front and rear sets of preamp outputs-subwoofer outputs with 80 Hz low-pass filter-loudness-wireless remote-22 watts RMS/45 peak x 4 channels-CD frequency response 10-20,000 Hz-CD signal-to-noise ratio 96 dB-FM sensitivity 11 dBf-2-year warranty

Power Acoustik PACD855 (Around $100)· 4 CH RCA Output · RCA Aux Input · 30 Station presets · Electronic VOL/BAS/TRE/BAL/FAD · Power Loading CD Mechanism · PLL Synthesizer Tuner · Loud/Mute/MTL · 4 Channel Preamp Outputs · Jumbo Backlite LCD Display · Anti-Theft LED Page.asp?Product+#=PACD855 is place with it for 100$

Hope this helps a little bit, but i suggest going to a few places and demo the decks yourself

But that clarion sounds like a sweet deal!
Yeah, its expensive

but worth it. Its nice to actually be able to listen to the radio again. There are over 100 channels of choices. If your mood is to listen to blues, you have some choices. If you want country, you have a couple of stations, You want to listen to rap, you can - the unedited cuts. Comedy too - clean on one channel and not so clean on another. Classical? that too. I spend over two hours a day in the car in my commute - when I thought about it, it was not that much money for the time spent listening.

Like I said, I liked it so much I bought stock in it. Is it perfect? Nope. But it is light years ahead of radio right now - they all sound the same, even public radio is not taking chances anymore.
Hey Super I have the answer for you. I am also a big firebird fan. I currently own a rare and highly optioned 1986 Trans Am. Anyway back to the speakers the best coaxials out there in car audio land are the infinity kappa's. A good friend has these in his Sanger V210(ski boat) and they are the best coaxials i have heard yet. The price isn't bad either even. Other more expensive options would include morel, some currently onsale at madisound. You might also try the coaxial like speakers that SEAS makes. Hear's another one of my idea since I am like you and like great sound but refuse to destroy the stock look of the car. I hate tweeters that are just screwed on to pillars and such. However you could try a 5.25" woofer and a small tweeter(like the $32 LPG) and make 2-ways in your 6x9 hole. Simply make a baffle for the 6x9 hole and mount your drivers on it and put back into place. Put you original grilles or whatever you want to use and walla, know one will ever be the wiser and you won't have to put up with lousy 6x9 sound. depending on the yeah of your bird you probably have dash mounted front speakers which means about 3.5" size I would try those small full range drivers audax makes.
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