Caps do not show on scheme


2010-08-10 3:52 am
Im doing a recap for the whole amp and i went deep into the scheme
for many times and i also listed the all the caps in a sorted list.

I bought every cap i have to replace except for four 2.2uF/50v
caps that aren't anywhere in the scheme.

I though maybe they are written in different voltage in the scheme,
but after counting and triple checking everything, they are just not there!
How is that possible?

I want to know why are they there and how they affect the signal
so i will know which type to use.

Another thing is that i found that there is one 470uF/25v cap written
in the scheme and after making sure 10 times, it doesn't exist in the amp.
What's up with that?


Paid Member
2007-09-15 8:14 am
It's common to find differences in reality compared to the service manual.
Can you determine what part of the circuit they are in... where they connect in relation to other parts in the manual.

There may be different "country" variations and different versions of the amp that were put in place during production, with appropriate service bulletins issues to authorised dealers... it's normal.


2010-08-10 3:52 am
I have finished recapping and found that 5 caps appear in the scheme
and not in the actual amp and 4 different caps appear in the actual amp and not in the scheme.

The amp scheme has a different page for european and england
differences but it's only for a small AC part of the scheme.