Capacitor esl


2004-07-26 11:49 pm
Hi there

I am reserching some parts for an aleph 5. I am sourcing the capacitors and I know I need some low esl types. I presume this is the rating generaly in milliamps.What sort of rating is ideal ? I have tried to find out a little more about the specification but dont quite understand.could someone explain it to me or advise on a good place to read up on these things.
I think you are after low ESR (equivalent series resistance) caps.
Some are advertised as such. Some high quality ones achieve lesr by design. Compare numbers in the specs.
A set of parallel capacitors will have a lower esr than a larger single cap of equivalent quality and probably cost less.
I have seen PSU's both commercial and DIY that parallel upto 25 caps for a single rail supply. This can only be for esr reasons. it certainly is not compact & at this level of duplication not cheaper either.