cannot find circuit diagram for transistor

it is a transistor with these numbers and letters written on it

185 7-42

not very helpful search results on google any combo of searching these numbers?
can someone guide me on how to find the circuit diagram for this transistor?
And just to let you know I have 4 of these all the same numbers and letters on them.
datasheet would be very helpful! that's just what I need but I cannot find one that matches... all of the ones that I find are just voltage regulators and i know for sure what I have are transistors. (I managed to get one to work as an audio amplifier except the fact I have no clue which lead is truly the base collector or emitter. and there was DC flowing to the output but it was many times louder than just what the headphone output on my computer normally could put out. I cannot take a picture at the moment because I dont have a camera
they appear to be high current transistors (they came out of an old turntable circuitboard and conveniently had wires already coming off of the leads.