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Canadians, Buy my projector (4000 lumen OHP, Sharp QA-1400 ) before it goes on Ebay!

Hey everybody,

Since I have obtained a lot of information and help here I decided to offer my setup here before putting it on ebay. Here is what I have to offer:
Sharp QA-1400 Projection Panel (1994 Price: Around $4000US)
- Exactly the same as the QA-1500, except it doesnt have the PCMCIA slot (nobody uses it anways).
- In great condition and working order.

ALL THE ACCESSORIES (Rarely found all together):
- Sharp QA-1400 Projection Panel
- Hard Case w/ Foam Padding
- A/C Adaptor
- Remote Control
- VGA Cable
- MAC Cable
- Operation Manual
- PS/2 Mouse Cable
- Serial Mouse Cable

FEATURES (From Manual):
- Active Matrix TFT LCD Panel
- 1.7 Million Colors
- 640x480 resolution
- 8.4" LCD
- Contrast Ratio: 130:1 (typical)

PRICE: $100CAD plus shipping (around $20-$30CAD)

Buhl 121 OHP*

- 3200 lumens (ENX 360w Bulb) or 4000 lumens (FXL 410w Bulb)
- A slightly used FXL Bulb (4000 lumens) will be included.
- Doublet lens
- Lamp Changer
- Manual

* focus arm broke so it is taped back together, does not affect focusing or OHP.

Price $70CAD plus shipping (around $25-$35 CAD)

I also have 3 brand new FXL (82v 410w 4000 lumens) Bulbs

$15 each shipped.
Take all 3 for $35 shipped.
Also have a Magnavox DVD Recorder (MRV640) if anyone is interested. Price: $100 plus shipping ($20-$30CAD)

PAYMENT: Paypal Only

Pics coming soon (sooner if requested)

Thanks fellow DIYAudio members for helping me build my Home Theater so far.

Ebay 100% Feedback
Heatware 100% Feedback
TheNoodPoopler said:
yo, im in bc. Get pics up and i mightbe intersted :) but im also looking at a Sony VPH-1040Q for 250 bucks. But get back to me asap very intersted.


Contact info

[email protected] - msn
TheNoodPoopler - AIM

Here are the pics, as requested. :)

The Sharp QA-1400 with all the yummy accessories

Projector and Projection Panel running.

Panel running off my pc with the included vga cable.

FXL 410w 82v 4000 lumen Bulbs

Buhl 121 OHP

Taped and glued focus arm. (as mentioned doesnt affect the focusing or the OHP.) would probably be easy to remove if needed because you guys could probably do a better job at fixing it then I did. ;)

Magnavox DVD Recorder. 8 recording options and great recorded quality IMO.
Unfotunately, my camera has problems capturing the brightness and sharpness of the setup, but I'll post them anyway.

Here ya go (each pic is off my wall with a screen size of around 100 inches, all around image brightness is uniform, unlike the pics):

Family Guy

Shaun Of The Dead

Madden 06 (PS2)