Canadian Mail-Order???

While Digikey isn't in Canada per se, they have a catalog in canadian dollars which includes all customs/brokerage fees prepaid by Digikey. They charge a flat rate $8cdn for next-day shipping to Canada via purolator. I order most of my stuff through them (I'm in Vancouver, BC as well)

You can request a free printed catalog from their site.
I wouldn't mind getting into something like that, but I'm a little too busy at the moment - not to mention if it's going to be mostly people from the asylum, I'd probably take a rain check - I'm not into the whole subjectivist thing at all.

Oh, I almost forgot... - there are some REAL good deals to be had here on speakers that can't be found anywhere else - and they're in Burnaby, BC, Canada.
seangoesbonk said:
:confused: does anyone know of any electronics mail-order companies in Canada? I live in BC and I would like to avoid being reamed(financially) by the customs guys. I know of Plitron(transformers) in Toronto. Anybody know any other companies? Large capacitors, heatsinks, speakers, or ANYthing else... thanks.

I'm in Victoria, and i do a lot of mail-order on Vintage stuff i recycle.

You might well check out McBride (Q-Components) in Waterloo.



2001-06-01 4:53 pm