Can you measure a LM3886 to see if its ok?


2003-05-21 2:51 pm
Hi Calle,

you could make a test jig to quickly mount the chips and power it from a lab supply. All the circuit then needs is a closed feedback loop and a mute resistor. Keep in mind that the LM3886 is only stable at gains greater than 10, better 20. You could mount the whole circuit P2P to a socket, only four resistors and a dummy... ;)

Regarding the LM3886's behaviour, it should "unprotect" (i.e. draw it's nominal idle current) as soon as either supply voltages exceed +-9V. It should unmute at around -10mA current out of pin 8 (to the negative supply).

From there on, it should simply amplify. :)

You could then, on top of that, test the protection circuits like undervoltage lockout (with the supply lines below +9V or above -9V, respectively) or SPiKe (slowly raise the input signal while driving a low impedance test load, clipping should look like in the datasheet, watch your supply voltage level and heatsinking).