Can someone help me design an attenuator?

I need one for each of my 2 way moniters, with a flat sweep the bass is considerably lower volume so I have to have the bass turned up on my preamp which I don't like. The problem is I have no idea to how much I need to 'quieten' the tweeter to meet the woofers volume. Both drivers are a 8 ohm and are crossed at 3KHz.



2006-10-18 12:00 pm
Padding the tweeter won't have the same effect as the bass lift control on your pre-amp. The control on your pre-amp probably boosts around the 100Hz and under range, if you pad the tweeter you'll effectively boost 3kHz and under, it will effect a lot more than just the bass end! Why do you dislike using the tone control if it does what you want it to?
This is the crossover I am using: