Can of worms anyone ??? BR vs. IB

Relatively recent revisitor to the world of DIY audio, having had a long abstention since student days...

Okay, I'm at the LF design stage of a 3 way active setup.
Initially was looking at a Reflex design flat to about 30 Hz then I come across a Roy Allison article "Loudpeakers and real rooms" ... gets me thinking. Referring to my moth -eaten copy of 'Colloms: High Perf. L/Ss' he refers to 'new alignments' (new then maybe - my copy is 1985) tending towards Bessel in sealed boxes, suggesting that their in room response is superior to that of BR designs with their 4th order characteristics (taking into account typical room gain etc).

Now I suppose this kind of makes sense to me - and I like the idea of the superior transient response of the low Qtc Sealed designs versus the (potentially) underdamped BR ones.

Any body care to comment on their experience of BR vs. IB in real rooms ... plus vs. minus.

Is the argument really that straightforward ?
What is a 'typical room' anyway ?
Is there any point in trying to create a 'room frinedly' design when our listening environments differ so widely ?


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