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Can LED damage Placid?

I hooked a LED to the positive side of Placid BP to indicate power on. This seems to have caused damage as now the positive side will only output 1 volt. I can't believe this could happen, I had a 60k resistor on the LED. I've ordered a new Placid but am afraid to try this again.
Any thoughts?
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No way that could have caused damage, if it was done properly, because of the 60k resistor.
There must be something else that damaged the circuit, like solder bridges, static damage, etc.

The low DC supply voltage could be either a damaged regulator circuit, or a heavy load on the regulator,
causing it to current limit and reduce the voltage.
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Technicians use a special static mat and wrist strap when working on electronics,
to avoid damaging the circuitry by touching it. Even soldering irons can do that as well.
Your body can generate many thousands of volts due to static charge.
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This is an old Placid 1.0. The 2.1 version is said to be much improved. Seems to be still available from TP So I ordered one. A mishap resulting in an upgrade. 😄

My main concern was that hooking up the LED somehow damaged the Placid. I don’t see how that would be possible and Rayma seems to agree.