Calling all AUSSIES and KIWIS...


The current official Australian distributor (Syntec in Sydney) carry no stock in the Sigma series of drivers. You order, they call Japan, you wait months for surface mail to get here and then they charge you a distributors markup. Last lot i got i could have purchased from EIFL, paid full import duty and still come out 20% better off in cost and 2 months in front.

What's the situation with Seas, Vifa, Scanspeak since Scan went under? I know a friend in Canberra who finds it significantly cheaper to bypass the Oz distributors and purchases all of his drive units direct from Seas in norway.

My 2 cents.

BTW, the FE168's are currently on open baffles (600 x 900)



2001-09-24 11:12 am
have seen a website that has heaps of Australian distributors, I can recall peerless, scan speak, vifa, audax , maybe even a couple more, but thought the aussie prices were quite reasonable.
Have found harbuch transformers in aussie who will ship two 1kva toroidals for 116 aud. Plitron wanted $370 canadian. Can get bargains down under have to look a bit harder thats all.