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California Audio Labs CL-15 Single CD Player

I have a good condition California Audio Labs CL-15 Single CD Player with Brand New Remote
Also includes 2 Spare Brand New Laser Assemblies

Dual Burr-Brown PCM1702 Multi-bit DACs
PowerBoss Massive Power Supplies to ensure stable power to DAC's
HDCD Digital Filtering
Discrete Analog Output Stage (no OP-Amps)
Digital Input to allow other Digital sources to use its internal DAC/Analog stage.

$449 USD with Free Shipping to Lower 48 and Canada

PayPal for US/Canada & EMT for Canada

I also have:
NAD 114 Preamp with MM/MC stage all discrete circuitry $129 USD with Free Shipping

SOLD Schiit Mani MM/MC Phono Stage
SOLD Antique Sound Lab T-1X DT preamp SOLD
SOLD Rotel RC-980BX Preamp with Preamp Stage SOLD


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Just want to say that I used to own this, and it was one of the finest pieces I've had (along with Monarchy SM-70 bridged/balanced monoblock class A amplifiers) - this CDP has a variable voltage output, and so can be used without a preamplifier, and sounds GREAT doing so! Really highly recommended. I paid $1k for mine.