calibrating subwoofer - good measurement tools?

hi all,

i just got a ACI Titan II LE subwoofer (great sub btw) and i'm looking to help calibrate my system's overall response with some measurement tools. i know most people use a test CD and a radio shack SPL meter or the like, but i'm looking for something a little better (unfortunately i got spoiled by all the nice lab equipment i got to use at school). i figure the most cost-effective way is to use some software package on the PC for spectrum analysis and get a decent measurement microphone... so:

<li>does anyone know any good PC (mac or windows) FFT analyzer programs? preferrably shareware (i'm a cheapie) but i guess if it's really good i could lay out some cash for it.

<li>any suggestions as to an accurate, not-too-expensive (i'm thinking no more than $300) measurement microphone? high-frequency accuracy is not required, i'm most interested in the 20 - 500Hz region.

any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

If you're trying to EQ your sub for flat in-room response, I would try test tones and an SPL meter.

You can find sweep tones at ''. I'll be working on 'warble' tones (1, 1/2 and 1/3 octave) shortly, but I need more disk space first.

The SPL meter of choice is one of the Radio Shack analog meters. There are some changes that can be made to the meter to correct it's response (see ''), or you can use the correction factors (they were in a recent thread here).

If you're determined to get a microphone, check out the mitey mike II (uncalibrated) and the preamp kit for it at ''. This microphone, with preamp, is flat to within 2dB from 20Hz to 20KHz. NOTE: This is flatter than most sound cards.

Good luck.