Caddock resistor for passive crossover?Mills MRA-12 wired in parallel?

At the risk of engendering criticism from those who cannot or will not hear any difference in components, especially something as benign as a resistor, I have heard the differences between them in certain sections of certain circuits. In my chip-based power amplifier, there is a 0.47 ohm resistor at the output of the LM3886. A Caddock MP930 was an improvement over the original sand cast resistor (which probably consisted of Constantan wire), but the Mundorf Ultra provides a smoother, more open sound with less metallic edge and harshness. The same thing happened to my speakers when I replaced 6 ohm Caddock MP930, in series with the tweeter, with a 6 inch piece of Manganin wire: clearer high frequencies with no metallic edge or harshness. I suspect a Mundorf Ultra would have provided the same type of improvement there, but at 30 times the cost. I also experimented with using longer and shorter pieces of wire until I achieved proper tweeter level. One could install a switch between different lengths of wire rather than opening and modifying the outboard crossover as I did a few times.
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