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Caddock MP915 1R Resistors

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I have a bunch of these resistors from a leftover project for sale

Vendor: Caddock
Value: 1R
Tolerance: 1%
Power: 15W
Type: Non-Inductive
Package: TO-126
Datasheet: http://www.caddock.com/Online_catalog/Mrktg_Lit/MP9000_Series.pdf

Price: $2.00 each, $1.80 10+ ($3.00 from catalog vendors).
Quantity: 200 available

With tiny heatsinks, they can easily do 5W - perfect as output stage emitter resistors.

Thanks for looking.


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Hi Arius

I don't appear to have private messaging as yet, perhaps because I am a fairly new member. Could you please send me an email to ianhibel@tpg.com.au so we can work things out?

I will be using the Caddock resistors for two Class A amps I am building. They are kits designed by Silicon Chip, an Australian electronics magazine that boasts a remarkable THD figure of just 0.00006% and comes recommended by some members of our local audio club.

I intend to use them to biamp my DIY Aksonics speakers and thought that the Caddocks would be a worthwhile upgade as with such a low distortion figure premium parts sould make an audio improvement.

Best regards


PS I have a good record on Ebay if this matters.

Mikael just emailed me about more of these. I guess I can sell some from my stash. Was saving them for a future Pass Labs Aleph type amplifier.

Same price, same 10+ deal and free shipping. Same item brand new as in first post.

Email: johnyap(at)surewest.net

Selling up to 50pcs. Need the rest for my projects.

<rant>Grrr, all projects currently on hold waiting for my cases from Thailand. No case = can't start PCB design = no project. Grrrrr, it's been over a month. </rant>
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.