C1027/A1023 where to get? subs?


2002-06-02 2:14 am
Where do I get the KTA1023 and KTC1027? I keep running into these buggers and NOBODY supplies them. Are these chinese no-name wonders?

digikey doesnt have them, newark doesnt have them, nobody has them. any ideas? even octopart is coming up empty.

MCMhas the 1023, but not the 1027.
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What's the application?

The BD139/140 work for power supply drivers.

The KSA1220A and KSC2690A are good for audio drivers in non-class D amps and can sometimes be used in class D amps.

For other applications, there will be different requirements.

The ones you listed probably won't work for all applications. The HFE is VERY low.

There are 4 basic parameters for transistors that you have to look at and all can't be at the upper end of the range. At least one has to be low. The parameters are current, voltage, speed (ability to switch efficiently at high frequencies) and gain (HFE). Here, the gain is low.