Bypassing car amplifier SMPS for use in home

Hi everyone, I want to power a car amp at home but instead of finding a high current DC power supply to feed it (which is totaly inefficient) how about bypassing the smps in the amp. Suppose the amp had 35 volt rail voltages I would insert a supply with that requirement into the board. Now the amp will be just like a home reciever. The amp will still have to be powered by 12vdc to provide basic functionality, so I would not have to construct any secondary supplies. Has anyone ever attempted this and was successfull? Any design obstscles? Thanks for any input.

Perry Babin

Paid Member
2003-11-20 11:01 am
If it's a simple amp and all voltages are produced by the main power transformer, it should work. One problem that you may have is the muting circuit. It's likely to be controlled by a circuit driven from the B+ and remote circuits.

If it's an amp that uses a secondary power supply to produce the low voltage (±15) and driver voltage, it will be more difficult.