bypass caps for DAC power supply and reg circuts

I have an EAD 7000 which has the XLR and what I think is their Level II upgrade daughter board. I know their is a level III or some plus up to the level III. I opened the unit up and checked the board out. Looking at the dozen or so power supply related electrolytic caps (3 3500uf main, 12 100uf secondary reg and OP amp power filtering) 7 of them had enough spacing for my 52 year old hands and 52 year old eyes to attempt a capacitor bypass. I checked the spacing and the caps would fit under the board since the caps were axial and kind of flat. Metal fil types. So I added heat shrink tubing to the lead lengths, folded them into position, diped in a small bit of flux, used silver tined solder. was able to solder them in place with out lifting the traces off the board, crating solder bridges (tested for shorts), and pulling any connections. About an hours worth of work to dismantle, solder, reassemble. Wish I could have done more, but those diodes and op amps look like they would fight back coming out and really hurt my current session perfect score. Did a listening test, and the changes did make a difference that I could notice. My system is 240 watt manley tube amps, Sonic frontier SFL-2 tube pre (power in second case), klipsch kpt 535 cinema horn top ends, with AL-5 modified crossovers, monster power reg, and conditioner, monster retro lone speaker and xlr cables. Sourcing of an apple TV. Kids, this is something I would try at home.