Buying stuff for projects.

Recently I went to one of the local hardware stores to buy some lacquer to coat the inside of my speakers. I asked for the strongest stuff that won't crackle over time. Then the clerk asks what it's for, and I told him: coat the inside of DIY loudspeakers to make them absolutely air tight, and it therefore was important it wouldn't crackle as it hardened.

So far so good, but then the poor bastasd recomends me a mate lacquer because it 'wont reflect sound as much as the blank one'.

AARGH!!!! That wasn't my question!

I just spent a month finding out how to construct my speakers, deciding materials, what procedures to folow and so on. I was lucky not explode up in his face, but explained him that it wasn't what the lacquer was for, and asked him my question again.

He wasn't at much help at all, but I decided to go with lacquer used to paint floors with. - And if someone wants to know, yes, it was mate finish!

I guess this is what we have to put up with then buyin things for our projects, guys that sells paint suddenly becomses an expert on DIY audio, even knows what you need before you do!

On the oher hand I also had some good experiences buying stuff for projects (other places, at least). The guy at the aquarium & fishing store was at great help then I bourght a pump for my DIY 'hot air soldering' station.

It seems only that stores:

50% only wants to sell the cheapest stuff
25% seems to be clairvoyant on what you need or give bad advice
25% give good help and got what I need.