Buttkicker experiences ?

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Hi, i come form a long way of testing different types of enclosures, TL, Horns,...
i also made some class d amps, with good results, as well and too many others audio projects.

I came onto these buttkicker

An externally hosted image should be here but it was not working when we last tested it.

i searched a lot and didnt find anyone who actualy did try thoses...or i just didnt find them :xeye:
I did try in the past some "bass engine" from alpine, which was the AURA ones, still sold by parts express...i liked them a lot back then in my suv.

I am only wondering...if this butt kicker only makes 25% more bass than the two alpine units that i was powering with a 75 watt amp, theses worth a try imho at 1kw.

but, my real goal is to build somethig totaly nasty, something 5 times bigger than a buttkicker.
I have 2kw of power amps waiting for this project...

Anyone ever opened on the theses buttkicker ??
thay claim a magnetic suspension...
my old alpines ones were like a coneless subwoofer, with a heavy mass...i was thiking building a spring loaded mass on a slide bearing, using a 10lbs mass with huge windings...
just an idea...i am hard diy and have access to a huge machine shop,...
i want to make the floor in my listening room MOVE !!! :devilr:
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thanks for the AVS link...

and yes, i came across this diy example using a bass subwoofer...

i just want to get out of that track and build something a litle different.

i also came on to the earthquake 10.0...

my idea is still to build a copy of one of my aura shaker, but 10x times bigger.

the purpose of my post was to ask personnal experiences with theses on the shelf bass butt shakers.

I haven't tried this, but I've considered using a servo motor: there are low-inertia servomotors that were used in applications like computer tape drives, which are capable of responding to audio up to 80 to 100 Hz. They do tend to have low resistances, like around 1 ohm, though. Anyway, I figure if you stuck an appropriate weight on the motor shaft, and strapped the motor under the seat, it would shake things nicely.
I've used the Aura versions as well and have felt the buttkicker versions in an HT shop.

The Buttkicker is definitely a more noticeable effect. But unfortunately for anything but HT and games at levels where you are *aware* - the devices are just that, an effect.

Part of the problem is that their bandwidth is vary narrow. The other problem is that there is a "disconnect" (literally) between the vibrations on the chair and the lack of vibrations from the floor up. Clark synthesis has some for the floor - but they are even more expensive than the Buttkicker AND you would need to use both.. and yet you would STILL have the problem of a narrow operational passband.

I recently read (in a paper mag. -don't remember which), of a design that coupled to the chair yet had a broader bandwidth and as a result worked better with everything.

You CAN (to a degree) equalize the device above its resonant freq. (as coupled to particular "medium") to extend its bandwidth somewhat without to much trouble with amplifier power (..provided it isn't a large amount of gain vs. the average). Its only when you try and eq. gain below the resonant freq. that you get into serious problems.

For that you could easily use the Behringer Feedback Destroyer and this software:


The setup and measurement certainly wouldn't be the same - but it should be serviceable for this application.

BTW, here is an amp capable of stupid power levels in bridged mode:


For more information there is this:

I've had a pair of Buttkicker LFE's, as well as a pair of the Buttkicker amps, for probably two years now, but I still haven't hooked them up. Since then, I've given up on separate subwoofers and high order low crossover points, and have decided to integrate low frequencies into the stereo channels to obtain better sounding bass while simplifying the system. I've decided to sell the Buttkicker amps (still new and unopened), but I still plan on trying out the LFE's with pro amps.. mainly because the rest of my stuff is powered by pro amps, and all my equipment is 19" rackmount.

I plan on cutting a sheet of plywood or something to the width of this couch that extends past where my feet normally sit on the floor when I'm sitting here, and then I'll probably cover it with black automotive carpet, and put the rug and table in front of it all. That way, I should be able to get some vibration up my feet and legs, and hopefully it'll seem a bit more realistic.
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