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I've decided to give an old GE radio an upgrade. I'm sure there will be some haters but, what I plan to do is rip out all the original components and install a Bluetooth amplifier and new speakers. As a starting point I've found some components at parts-express.com part 300-7128 (Speakers), and part 300-593 (Amplifier).

Here are my questions:
-How would you recommend mounting the speaker boxes to the inside of the radio?
-Would it be better to build a custom box within the radio to house the speakers?
-Would you use different components?

The opening is 14" wide x 18 " tall and there's about 18" depth to the radio.

Thanks for reading and commenting!


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2003-06-12 7:04 pm
Maine USA
A box that deep, even open-back, begs for one or two(*) large (>=8") full-range speakers(1). Little boxes sound small. Can't fool the human ear (much). A smooth 100Hz-6kHz is ample for music; "20-20k" has been the ruination of much music.

(*)Yes, one speaker, but I predict you won't find a documented way to get mono out of BluTooth things.
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2004-10-07 6:05 am
Does it work at all? Is the original speaker any good? You might be bale to use the speaker, unless it's a field coil type, which could be done, but it is more complicated.

I'd leave it open back, even if you do replace the speaker. It's part of the "sound."
A touch screen IA tablet running Daphile sits in the "window" where the tuner dial was, displaying a local control UI. Or any lappy screen you can set within that rectangle, with a mouse. A USB connected class D amplifier, many to choose from. Pretty much all of them have "differential" outputs (both above ground of the power supply) which means you can go + from the left to - from the right and get a mono signal to a single speaker, perhaps loaded into the same position as the original.

If you wanted a 2nd mono speaker, just use the opposite +/- terminals. You could also cut holes in the sides of the cabinet and mount stereo speakers there, connected how they're supposed to be in addition to the one or two mono speakers. You could connect a speaker + to +, or - to -, for an ambient speaker shooting out the back or top of the thing. It'd be like a jukebox!


2019-09-17 12:49 am
I would just sell to collector.
if all the internals are there.
You can find empty cabinets like this or similar.

plan to do same thing, fun idea.
but I wont gut them.
just got a empty cab for free actually.

Baffle sounds large enough to mount single 10" and then stereo pair of 3"
plenty of bluetooth amps with built in crossover for such setup.
mono sub, stereo pair..

there is many high Qts affordable 10" drivers that would do well
with just open back from GRS like 10PF-8 or 10PR-8

then use fullrange 3" like Visaton FRS8
install the speakers on the baffles
and to make enclosure for small speakers.
use 6.5" " waterproof foam inserts" for car stereo.
simple foam cups you can staple to baffle. even fill
with poly if desired.