Burning CDs.

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I purchased a new remote CD burner which plugs in to my laptop and using Nero 8, it burns CDs that will play on my ten year-old DVD/CD player connected to my TV, but they won't play in my ten year-old car CD player. I'm using 52X 700MB CD-Rs. I've tried burning at different speeds but they still won't work.

I'd appreciate any ideas.
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Do you get Nero to finalize the CD?

Thanks for the responses.
I ticked the box for finalising.
But I am playing CDs that I burned on the Nero Express programme I had on my old PC. The files were all mp3s either from my own CDs or downloads from Audio Galaxy. (That old!)

It gets as far as "CD T 01" but that's it. But it will play on my DVD/CD player in the house.
I'm using Tesco CDs , maybe that's the problem?
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You need to download a file converter programme. I use Freemaker to convert MP3 to WAV or CD type files. That is your problem.
Thank you for downloading Freemake Video Converter

Thanks for that, much appreciated. I'm having a go at that but it seems to be taking an age to convert a dozen tracks to WAV.

It's been at it for about ten minutes and I've only got about 25% of the first track converted. Maybe I'm doing something wrong?
Last time I used Nero (many years ago now) it converted the mp3 or whatever files into the correct format on-the-fly as it burned the CD.

It us a quick process so you must be doing something wrong.

Thanks for that. Nero isn't a problem it burns quite rapidly it was "Freemake" which was taking the time. So I cancelled it. Converting to WAV files using "OnLine Convert" was quite quick, but again, they'd play on my laptop so presumably also my DVD/CD player but would not play in my car.

I've since tried it with Windows Media Player which actually worked!

A point of interest. My original CD/DVD burner which was an add on I installed in my old PC cost me around £100 more than ten years ago.

The CD burner I'm using which just plugs in using two connections to my laptop, was an an eBay purchase a couple of weeks ago, at £5.99 including the leads and postage!

Thanks everyone for their help, much appreciated.
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