Burning Amp 2012 Pass Speaker


Can you give us the dimensions of your open baffle speaker presented at BAF 2012. For example, size of the baffle, height of the top driver above ground, dimensions of the slot chamber, and any other critical dimensions for the sound. You mentioned crossing over at 150Hz, is this right? Much appreciated if you can.

Nelson Pass

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2001-03-29 12:38 am
As I recall it is 24 x 48, with the Lowther at 30" height. The opening for
the 15 inch Definimax was about 16 x 3.5

The drivers are wired in phase, with a 2 pole low pass on the bottom at 80 Hz
and a 2 pole high pass on the Lowther at 160 Hz. There is also a high Q
Chebyshev hi pass on the woofer at 20 Hz.