Built LM3875..now what?

I built my first amp successfully using a Brian GT kit.
I think the quality is very good and have been happily enjoying music for the past few years through it.
I'm very technical but not an electronics expert. My amp doesn't look pretty, basically it's breadboarded, but it sounds good.

So two points.

Which direction to take now? What's the most logical/easiest direction to go in for increased audio quality? Monoblocks? Same chip different components? Different chip amp? I'm aware that there are many caveats but a couple of brief responses would be helpful to get me started.

In addition...can someone recommend a good textbook that discusses amp design of this nature, that starts with fundamentals and builds upon them, and that covers earthing approaches in detail.

Any replies appreciated.


2006-05-07 12:50 am
I would head over to the group buys section and look at what PCBs are available. That way you can not only get a PCB which makes things much easier, but the thread for the group buy will be a valuable resource for support.

If your goal is to learn, I would not continue with chip amps. They will teach you about grounding and power supplies perhaps, but you won't learn much about the amplifier circuit when it's all hidden inside the chip.