Built a reverb tank drive/recovery circuit - dry sound leakage


2016-01-04 10:50 pm

I recently built this reverb tank drive and recovery circuit:


The only modification I would like to make to it is a switch to make the dry signal open circuit for a 100% wet sound, as this can't be achieved with just the mix knob. This is so the reverb unit can be used as a stand alone effects unit for music production as well as for live instruments.

When I make the direct dry signal open circuit (around R14) there still seems to be some minor dry sound leakage coming through (mostly high frequency from what I can tell).

Any ideas how to rectify this?

Thanks :)
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I wonder if perhaps you need a 1 Meg to gnd on the input? If you open R14 then the input is completely floating, depending on what it is connected to.

It may that wha you are hearing is just the sound of what goes through the spring. I think all it carries is the high frequency, and without the wet signal as you call it, the output of the reverb just doesn't sound very good.


2016-01-04 10:50 pm
Hi Enzo, I posted it in the construction forum at the same time as I wasn't sure which was appropriate (I posted an update in the other thread http://www.diyaudio.com/forums/cons...it-dry-sound-leakage-problem.html#post4623492 ).

The sound is not coming through the spring I'm pretty sure. The reverberated sound has a notable delay from the direct audio signal. The leaked dry sound can be heard on its own by connecting only the input of the reverb tank and leaving the direct dry signal open circuit.
Put a potentiometer in place of r14 and r15. This would serve as your wet/dry mixer. Start out with 100k linear taper and do some knob turn listen testing. When you get the sound you are looking for, play with r13 and see how much or little the reverb dials in and out. Also, you can try different models of reverb pans. Even they look similar, they all act and sound different.