Building tactile transducer from scratch


2001-12-06 2:48 am
I posted a few months ago looking for sources of information on tactile transducers, and have come to an idea of building my own. TTs are basically (if you don't already know) a device which one sends a low signal (subwoofer-like) to. If attached to the floor or couch, the audience feels a shaking sensation - great for explosions and earthquakes in movies. Anyway, I want to build my own from scratch, and when I mean scratch, I mean parts. Does anyone know where I can get a good, large (outer diameter > 3-4"), powerful ring ("donut") magnet. I plan to mount an iron plate/cylinder to the magnet in order to control the magnetic field and leave a circular gap for the voice coil. The gap would have a radial magnetic field - perfect for getting the coil to move. Anyway, does anyone have a good source for a magnet? Thanks