Building inverter using ETD 59 ferrite cores


2007-04-28 6:04 am
I have some pieces of ETD 59 ferrite cores and I want to use them to build an inverter. Following are the details:-
Input voltage : 13.2 to 10V DC (Center tapped)
Input current : 40 Amperes
Output voltage (1) : 240v Ac
Output voltage (2) : 15v Ac
Output current : 3 Amperes

operating frequency can be 20 to 30 KHz.

please provide turns ratio and other details for making an inverter. Or other ETD ferrite core can be proposed if applicable. I will use SG3525 IC for building the inverter.
You are going to need two stages unless you want a very complex and hard to control system.

To Keep it simple, you would need a push-pull voltage step-up stage where you could use your transformer. Then there should be a switching stage to produce the AC, which may be plain square wave (quasi sine) or sine, which is somewhat more complex to obtain.

This is not a project for beginners and I think there are no complete schematics anywhere, but you can gather a lot of information by searching through previous forum posts.