Building First Amp, Need Help/Suggestions

Ok, I'm currently in the process of building a pair of line arrays. It will have x16 - 3" High excursion full range drivers per channel. I would like to run 300 watts per channel if at all possible. This isnt going to be a super high end audio system, however I would like to make it a far cry from those crappy "Best Buy" systems. I currently have a full range class B amp running about 200 watts per channel. I think this will work for now, however I think I would like a bit more power. Well I was looking into these pre-made Class D amps, where all you need to due it get a power supply, case and wire them up. However I dont know much about products available.

Could anyone help me find some Class D amps kits (dont mind soldering components to the board) for around $100.00 USD or less per channel? I guess power supplies wont be so bad to find so I think I can handle that part. I'm on the east coast of USA so in country sellers would be nice. All I can find is super high end ($300-500 a board) units :bigeyes: