Building Eggleston rosa clones , any input ?


2008-08-19 3:23 am
I have to come up with crossover for the following , uses [1] dynaudio esotar one cap and one resistor , [2] morel mw-166's [8 ohm] no crossover and full range , trans. line foam inserts behind them . [2] morel mw-166's[8] in ported enclosure. any recommendations on crossover appreciated. tnx !!


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2008-08-11 1:15 pm
Are these what you are trying to clone?


'Nice looking speakers! One review I read priced them at close to $10K. With that in mind, it makes a lot of sense to want to make a similar design for much less.

Please keep us posted as to how this goes! I really like the look of those types of drives, such as the Morel's. The measurements I've seen around the net suggest they often have higher distortion numbers when compared to a more traditional design. With multiple drivers, that might not be an issue. They sure look nice. And I bet you'll have great low end extension for the foot-print these take up on the floor. Multiple smaller drivers has always been a neat idea - best of luck, I can't wait to see how these turn out!



2010-03-01 7:37 am
Will start the crossover process today. : ]
Hi Elecres,

my name is Massimo, I live in Italy and I'm starting in building something similar to a clone of Andra (first version).
I got a pair of Esotar and 4 MW166, but I have not decided yet how manage the low frequencies :rolleyes:
I saw that Rosa and Andra have the same design for midrange and tweeter, with the midrange crossoverless inserted in a closed transmission line filled with acousta stuff absorber.
i wonder if you have more informations about the value of components used in the tweeter crossover (one cap and two resistors) and about the design of trasmission line...Any help would be very appreciated:D
Thaks in advance,have a nice 2011!!!