Building Cabinets


2013-05-18 7:26 am
Hi all, This Is another project I got going building my own speakers. I currently have three sets of speakers, JBL'S decade L26's, Pioneer CSB 5000, and JBL JS120's. They all sound good----but I want to build my own set. So I bought me the book on how load speakers work and have spent hours and money at Parts-Express. I also just bought two sheets of 1" MDF. So looking at my budget I don't have a ton of money to put towards this project. I bought a pair of 15"woofers, two 6.5 midrange and one tweeter. I also bought all kinds of tweeters to see what will be the best sounding one. So here is my dilemma. I am. Not sure on how to build the cabinets. I know that it can get very complex.
Whoops yes I also have new crossovers, three way 8ohm 800/4,500 Hz, 200 watts. The 6.5 midrange are 4ohm so I can wire them in series to get 8ohms. I have my MDF sheets cut down to 2' wide x 4' high. I will keep the 2' ft wide for the front and rear panels, this where I need help, I'm not sure how deep and high they she be, also the shape, probably square, and if I should use baffles in them and where they would be placed. So any help would be nice, I am open to ideas and if you need more info on the what speakers I have to work with I can get that info to you, Thanks.


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2008-10-18 11:31 am
What type of tweeters are you using? This will have an effect on the cabinet and crossover points.

The cabinet can essentially be just a box preferrably with rounded edges. You'll probably need one inside for the midrange drivers. You'll want to prevent the box from significant resonance, and here bracing is useful...sometimes more than just thicker walls.